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How and Why Should I Migrate?

Content migration is no small matter — it affects a great deal, if not all of a company's business. Migrations can challenging to plan alone, and stressful to execute when the responsibility of business rests on IT. Email or file migrations can be tricky, and extra planning can go a long ways to improving the quality of your migration. We have assisted many clients in migrating both mailboxes and file systems, and have the experience to predict possible issues. As your partner in content migration, we can help make migration more effective and less stressful.

Migration often hits clients at a breaking point. They finally must migrate because legacy technologies have long been burdening them from advancing their business, or essential technologies have lost support from their original developers. By bringing your business into the cloud, you can ensure that the future of your business is moved to more permanent foundations.

Microsoft business technologies and platforms receive continual support, and have shown no sign of stopping. As a Canadian client, by migrating to the Canadian Microsoft cloud, you can be sure that your data will be perpetually supported.


Outlook and Email Migration​

We provide assistance for Outlook as well as third-party mailbox migrations. Contact us regarding your current email service provider, and we can run tests to see if it is supported for migration to Outlook Online. Many third-party email service providers do adhere to technical standards which enable us to migrate mailboxes onto the cloud.

We have had successful migrations using the following tools, and would recommend these for any email migration project:

Email Migration

SkyKick is a total email migration solution which migrates both individual mailboxes, shared booking resources such as meeting rooms, and the personal Outlook settings of your users. It even works for some third-party service provider mailboxes. We have previously made use of SkyKick's fabulous support to ask questions directly to their seasoned experts before, during, and post-migration. This support helps ensure that migrations using SkyKick go as designed for maximum smoothness and minimum disruption to users.

File Migration​

We specialize in helping our clients adopt and expand their SharePoint usage, and migration is the first step along that path. Contact us regarding how your files are currently stored, and any issues you have previously had or wish to alleviate. We have extensive experience regarding moving files onto SharePoint from shared and local drives.

We have had successful migrations using the following tools, and would recommend these for any file migration project:

File Migration

The SharePoint Migration Tool is a free tool provided by Microsoft as a baseline for migrating files onto SharePoint. It is easy-to-use, and can be operated by your administrators to bring content into SharePoint, either as test deployments or full migrations. While it lacks some of the more robust, fuller features of other applications, it is free to use, which makes it excellent for prototyping and sufficient for low-stakes migrations.


ShareGate: Desktop is a simple-yet-powerful migration tool. In its file migration, it carries complete metadata regarding a document, with the capacity to replicate any existing permissions shares with external or internal users. It provides more layers of granular control over document migration than other tools. ShareGate: Desktop is an excellent choice for clients who will be re-organizing their documents during the migration.


The Layer2 Cloud Connector is an advanced migration tool which can bring data into SharePoint or Dynamics from many sources, both conventional files and raw data. It can also run as a repeated synchronization service, so that legacy systems can continue to operate while bringing their data into newer technologies for consumption. We have previously used Layer2 for clients who are in the process of making longer-termed migrations to newer technologies, while legacy systems must continue to operate undisturbed.

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