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Services - Forms & Workflow

Microsoft's current generation for Forms & Workflows includes Microsoft Forms, as well as Power Automate. These are two revolutionary new products that didn't exist 10 years ago!

We've helped companies build robust Forms and Automations for COVID-19 screening, making use of the speed-to-deploy that these new Forms are capable of. Microsoft Forms provides an efficient way to make online Forms for both public and internal audiences. You can even integrate Forms into workflow processes, for instance to send an email auto-response on submit, or to add that response into a SharePoint List.


Forms are an integral part of any repeated business process. It's easier to make Forms than ever, with the current generation of Forms from Microsoft.

Forms is made for common users, without any special skill requirement.

Forms can be used for an infinite amount of reasons or subjects.

Many people don't even know Forms exists!

forms screen.PNG

Power Automate workflows go hand-in-hand with Forms to help accelerate repeated processes. Anyone can set up a simple workflow, but for more advanced workflows it is handy to involve a programmer to help with the logic.

For more info on Power Automate, check out our page on it!

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