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What is there to gain from Business Process Management?

By bringing your business processes onto SharePoint or Dynamics, your company will get a a clearer perspective on how to perform its functions.

By focusing on business process management, staff will be enabled to understand a process's status at-a-glance. They will be better equipped to identify the next action to perform, being provided with the relevant data where applicable. Both leads and their teams can share in the responsibility for advancement of business processes, both keeping apprised of the steps and sequence of your business through shared knowledge.

Our goal as your partner in Business Process Management is to both simplify and refine your processes so that your employees can perform better with less effort and more awareness.

How does SmartData approach Business Process Management?

We ask our clients to map their business process, detailing each stage and the steps required. Often this also includes sub-processes; sequences of actions performed by related departments or integral roles to advance the core business process. Our clients will highlight key events, actions, and logical gates, such as when a business process becomes finalized or requires approval from key roles.

Your mapped process can be provided to us through an Excel sheet, Word document, or Visio diagram and often takes some time for your company to fully produce alongside its regular work. It can be useful for you to analyze the business process while recording it to consider ways where the process may be improved. For some businesses, this will be the first time they have had the opportunity to critically look at their business processes, and they can already identify some areas of immediate improvement.


We then translate your process into a diagram, and based on your goals, we identify technologies for improving your process. Perhaps you want to utilize DocuSign for legally-binding digital approvals, either internally or for external agreements. Perhaps you want to begin using mobile devices for on-the-go data entry and reference. Or, you may more simply want to create a basic checklist to help track and analyze progress and ensure operations run as smoothly as possible.

Approaching a Business Process can be a productive exercise in itself, as it is the perfect time to critically examine how your business is done. You may even be producing a published, standardized model of your business process that your company may operate from for years to come. 

We ask our clients what issues they have had with their current processes to identify where fixes could be introduced. Once the process has been finalized, we develop it for you in Dynamics or SharePoint.


What is the end goal of Business Process Management?

The product of this is to develop a system of 'administrative intelligence' where your staff can gain information about how your business processes proceed. By entering your process into SharePoint or Dynamics, rather than a spreadsheet or whiteboard, you will gain the functionality of Microsoft's worldwide business technology. You will gain analytic capabilities as well as an interface for tracking, reporting on, and executing your business processes.

Our intention is to provide a system that will make your processes simpler to understand and learn, easier to accurately perform, and faster to execute.

If this sounds like something that your business would benefit from, then contact us for discussion. We can highlight detailed aspects to look at before you begin mapping your process, and show you samples of what this can be.

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