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Group Meeting

Microsoft's leading collaboration platform

Teams is a full collaboration suite which enables users to host voice and video calls, share and work on documents across the cloud, share their screen for purposes such as IT guidance, and post and comment in text chat across teams. It is Microsoft's global leading collaboration platform, and has deep integrations to familiar products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Planner, SharePoint and more.


Teams is a total collaboration platform which enables users to work together remotely, giving them the power to collaborate from wherever they happen to be.

Teams is rooted in SharePoint, and uses SharePoint for file storage and management. It has all the capabilities of SharePoint, plus new capabilities relating to Teams. The Teams 'tab' interface allows you to set up your Team with shared applications such as Planner plans, PowerBI reports, PowerApps, and more.


Teams is a great way to unlock collaborative potential. Working through Teams enables work-from-home strategies, and even enables guests outside of your organization to participate in some features such as chat, calls, and file sharing.

Teams is the central piece in Microsoft's cloud collaboration universe. It is supported by nearly all other applications that Microsoft produces, and all of Microsoft's office apps. It supersedes previous collaboration applications like Skype, and has a far wider array of capabilities.

We're glad to have you as our client for Teams! Give us a call or send us an email!

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