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From 'Customer Relationship Management' to 'Anything Relationship Management'

CRM has long been a part of many virtual offices. Whether it's just used to track Contacts and Accounts, or if it's been customized to manage relationships between almost any data, CRM has been around for decades and continues to be relevant. Even this 2020 decade, CRM still has an excellent core system that has proven itself over decades of use and refinement.

But many organizations have neglected CRM development, or have had periods where CRM development went 'full steam ahead' only to slow down or stop altogether. Some organizations have even lost track of what is in their CRM, and why. Part of this is because the level of specialization to develop CRM was higher in previous years than it is today. Now, it's a lot easier to do things.

We tend to start our involvement in an organization's CRM by providing a map and analytics of what exists. From there, we can get a good perspective on what was created and when, and where you want to go next.

Your Dynamics probably has a lot of historical data in it. Have you considered making use of that historical data, with the most recent generation of Microsoft Apps? You can feed this data into PowerBI, Power Apps, or even Microsoft's AI processing.



Once we know what's in the system, we can help you plan what to do with it. Do you want to export the data, to import it to a newer system? Do you want to revitalize your CRM with the latest UI features from Microsoft? Are there customizations that are aging out of use, and you want to replace these with newer apps? Are there projects that you always dreamed of doing in CRM, but never had the chance until now?

Today's CRM fits right in to the latest suite of PowerApps and Power Automate products. CRM is not out-of-date, although often the CRM customizations that a company has used over the decades are. We can help you build a CRM that is positioned well for the 2020 decade.


CRM's relational database is still one of the best and most robust ones around. It's received improvements that keep it at the core of business tech.


We'd like to have you as our Dynamics client! Give us a call or send us an email!

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