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Helping your teams build reliable automations

Power Automate gives every Office 365 user the incredible power to automate within the Office 365 environment. But with great power comes great responsibility! How will your team build automations in a way that is reliable and effective? After all, the goal of any automation is that it actually helps your team save time!


When we design automations, we put an emphasis on also creating diagrams that communicate what an automation does at each stage of the process. This way, everybody can more easily learn what is happening 'under the hood'.

Knowing how to program and maintain automations is another tool in your tool kit. From processing 1,000's of documents with Microsoft's trained AI reading models, to something as simple as an out-of-office notification. Knowing how to make automations provides a powerful alternative to many tasks in today's virtual offices. Especially so, when it comes to tasks that must be performed in bulk, or must be performed in a standard way as soon as possible. 

Our intention with Power Automate is to help you learn how to build and maintain automations that you design. With its drag-and-drop interface, it's easier than programming code!


We can even help you create more advanced automations, which you can use as reference as you raise your programming skills. We've been working on Power Automate since it was first released in 2019, as well as before when it was part of Dynamics CRM. We can help steer you away from the pitfalls and 'over-engineering' that people often fall into when they first start designing automations. Keep it simple! It always finds a way to become complex on its own!

We're happy to help you build automations with Power Automate! Give us a call, or send us an email!

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