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We help our clients with advice on licensing most Microsoft products. Whether you need additional licenses, or think you can license more effectively, we can help!

For non-profits, we can help you make the best use of free volunteer licensing, so that your volunteers get additional perks for contributing to your organization's work. You can even give your volunteers Teams for free!

For companies, we can help you make the best use of licensing. Often your team has programs that they are not aware of, such as Microsoft Forms or Teams, which we can provide training for!



We've assisted with the upgrade and migration of systems including:

  • Shared Drives -> SharePoint Online

  • SharePoint Server -> SharePoint Online

  • MS Dynamics CRM -> Dynamics 365

  • Exchange Server -> Outlook Online


The integration and upgrade of Microsoft business products is one of our specialties!

To upgrade, we work with your team throughout the process, guiding them to ensure they can maintain the system after the move is completed!


 Implementing and Customizing 

Our rapid prototype method for development gets your team involved, informed, and excited so that your team can better predict changes early on. Based on feedback, we tailor the project to provide the best fit to your needs.

In all our projects we advocate for using Microsoft-supported customizations. Adhering to what Microsoft supports gives you the strongest foundation that is ready for the direction Microsoft is moving in!

We take a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach that allows us to work with your admin staff to provide the tools necessary to support the system internally.

Implementing Customizing


The virtual office is still new! People use Teams and SharePoint every day, but many don't know much about them beyond the essentials. We're here to help with Beginner to Expert levels of training to help you at the following levels:

  1. Beginner training, for those who are not confident with SharePoint or Teams. We can help with our seminar on basics of SharePoint or Teams. Do you know how to troubleshoot your video or voice? Do you want to learn about how to recover deleted documents? How to share documents? Start here!

  2. Advanced training. You've worked in SharePoint or Teams for a while, and are ready to dig into the more advanced features like customizing tabs and channels, and managing SharePoint lists and libraries. Let's go!

  3. Expert training. Maybe you're an experienced SharePoint or Teams administrator who wants to learn about creating a refined Search center. Or maybe you want to set up an advanced business process including automations! Do you want to start managing guest accounts for your B2B partners? We provide workshops to help your team reach the peak!

We've trained both large and small groups, from 'SharePoint 101' with a crowd of 20, to expert workshops with IT admins. We like to share our knowledge!

Whether it's a phased course, or just a one-time session, reach out to us!


 Business Processes 

So you want to integrate SharePoint or Dynamics CRM into your business processes? We can help! We have lots of experience with helping teams create effective processes that make great use of SharePoint or Dynamics to both simplify and maximize.

The sky really is the limit here, but we try to focus in on what makes your team succeed. Do you want a management dashboard that helps you keep well-informed about the status of projects? Do you want to simplify work so that it's easier for more of your team to participate?

SharePoint is more than just a place to store documents! You can use columns to help manage the stages of your business process.

There's a lot you can do to integrate SharePoint or Dynamics into your business!

Business Processes


Did you know that Microsoft Forms is available with all Office 365 licenses? It enables your team to create both internal and public forms! You can even create a simple automation that brings Forms responses into a SharePoint list, sends them as an email, or more!

If you are looking to make a common informal process into a formalized Form, we can help! We've helped clients create COVID-19 check-in forms, surveys, and more.

Forms is one of those wonderful products that people often don't know about! It's surprisingly easy to use and powerful!

As well, we can create forms that collect information that can be used as tags. This way, you can sort, filter, and group forms!



With SharePoint and Teams, you can create portals for your Business-to-Business partners to drop off documents, sign-off on approvals, and more!

Using unlicensed guest users, you can provide a space for your business partners to participate in your projects and upload documents.


 And more! 

If you give us a business problem, we can help you solve it! With our expertise of SharePoint, Teams, Dynamics, and other Microsoft cloud products, we can help you design a virtual office that is effective and productive.


Just give us a call, or send us an email and we can get started!

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