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Consulting Services

SmartData offers professional consulting services in the Greater Vancouver area for Microsoft business software implementations, project management, strategic architecture planning, reporting, configuration and customizations.
We specialize in Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Teams and Dynamics CRM.

Whether you’re still identifying requirements, are ready to move or connect your data, or want to add to your existing system, we have much to offer.



We help our clients figure out their optimal licensing, whether that includes making full use of free volunteer licensing for Non-profits, or realizing the full potential of a common Office 365 license.

If you're already paying an Office 365 subscription, you may not know everything you're getting!

We are knowledgeable on:

  • Teams

  • SharePoint

  • Dynamics CRM

  • Office 365

  • Outlook / Exchange

  • PowerApps

  • Power Automate

  • PowerBI

  • SQL Server

  • Azure




Implementation & Config

We use a "rapid prototype" development model to create a tangible preview of any project. We also provide Visio diagrams to help communicate concepts and ideas.

In development projects, we try to get your team involved, so that everyone can foresee the changes early on and provide feedback to make it the 'best fit' to your team.

We use Microsoft-supported methods for programming customizations in SharePoint, Teams, Power Automate and PowerApps.



We can help you set permissions across your organization, such as to prevent Group creation by users, or to "lock down" permissions on sensitive sites such as HR or Finance.

There's a lot you can do with SharePoint to facilitate your business processes including:

  • Customized List or Document views

  • Custom columns (for business process status, approvals, dates)

  • Archiving

  • Version control

99% of what do is configuration! There are so many ways and features we could go on forever!

Seminars & Training


With the growth of Teams, we have been providing seminars on Teams 'best practices' and common tips. These training seminars are a great way to improve your organization's use of Teams. Organizations that are more confident about their use of this technology tend to learn more about it, and a seminar is an excellent way to 'welcome' your organization to Teams.

Our expertise as developers gives us additional insight into the more advanced features of Microsoft products.

As trainers, we are able to answer any question, even from your most technical users.


Lifecycle of a document/project, archiving.


Diagram of a full business process diagram


Microsoft's current generation for Forms & Workflows includes Microsoft Forms, as well as Power Automate. These are two revolutionary new products that didn't exist 10 years ago!

We've helped companies build robust Forms and Automations for COVID-19 screening, making use of the speed-to-deploy that these new Forms are capable of. Microsoft Forms provides an efficient way to make online Forms for both public and internal audiences. You can even integrate Forms into workflow processes, for instance to send an email auto-response on submit, or to add that response into a SharePoint List.


Moving from shared drives under VPN to Cloud-based. We have helped lots with this.

Migration is a good time to set up architecture. Involves permissions + security.


Using SharePoint, we can connect and organize sites based on your organization's structure, making it easier to find and manage the content you need to share or collaborate on. News and site activities can be shared between sites and audience-targeted for any combination of internal or external users. Standard navigation and branding can be applied across all sites or to a specific cluster of sites.

Search can be optimized to find or exclude certain content across all associated sites or limited to subsets specifically as your organization requires.

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