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Vizit Essentials and Vizit Pro for SharePoint

Vizit Pro™ offers powerful document management and collaboration features creating a complete SharePoint ECM experience, allowing them to also add annotations and other mark-ups. Vizit Essentials enables users to edit document information or properties (i.e., metadata, keywords, library columns) while they are also viewing the document, particularly useful for adding tags and classifying pdf content when migrating or uploading to SharePoint.

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Annotate & Mark-Up Content
Vizit Pro™ adds an extensive array of annotation and mark-up features for extending SharePoint ECM collaboration. Vizit Pro’s annotation capabilities include ellipse, rectangles, lines, arrows, polygons, free-form drawing, highlighting, redacting, notes, and a wide array of useful business stamps. Dynamic stamps can capture user information along with time and date the stamp was placed, useful for performing approvals. Vizit Pro’s API also supports custom annotations.

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