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Group Tiles SharePoint Add-in

Automatically builds a security-trimmed visual display of all Office 365 Groups and Teams SharePoint Sites as an Add-in you can add to any page for touch-friendly navigation.

Group Tiles Add-in by SmartData provides a quick and easy way of organizing and navigating the new O365 Groups and Teams site collections in a visual touch-friendly format. 

Classic site collections are listed and can be manages from the SharePoint Admin Centre, but the new Modern Sites are not shown in this list of site collections. The Group Tiles Add-in allows you to manage and navigate to all site collections from any page within your Tenant.

Automated and

Easy to Integrated

The Group Tiles Add-in is an organizational tool that uses the Search Index to automatically generate a site map showing all of the modern site collections created using O365 Groups and Teams. This Add-in provides security trimmed navigation on up to 500 site collections and can be used for either Office 365 and/or SharePoint Online as part of a hybrid environment. One license is all that is required across your entire Tenant. Use as many times as you like within one Tenant in as many locations as you like. Once the Add-in is installed, you simply add it to a page.



Larger, visually distinctive tiles make navigating Groups and Teams sites much easier on mobile devices. Tiles are easier to use on touch-based screens. Allows you to use the familiar desktop interface to access SharePoint from your mobile or tablet (i.e., they can use 'PC view' rather than the more limited 'mobile view').

A Visual

Tile-Based Display

Our Add-in gives site owners and admins a quick and easy way of presenting Groups and Teams in a more visual and user-friendly format. Group Tiles display provides ‘Touch-friendly’ Tile images as navigation by providing hyperlinks to the sites that are shown.  Themed, image-based tiles help users create visual associations of which subsites lead where, speeding up navigation. The larger clickable Tile format makes it easier and quicker to navigate even without a touch interface requirement, providing a more interesting and visually appealing SharePoint user experience. 

Your Own Company

Themes and Branding

Add-in automatically sorts alphabetically by Group or Team name. On hover, Group Tiles displays additional information about the site on an overlay over the background image that automatically matches the color theme of your site, similar to the behaviour used in out-of-the-box SharePoint Add-ins such as Promoted Links.

Simple Setup

Setting up Group Tiles is a quick and easy process. The Add-in is automated, simple to set up, and can be deployed on a Tenant in a single five-minute installation and uninstalled just as easily. Once the Add-in is added to the Tenant, site owners create an instance using the Add-in template just as they do for other Add-ins, then they can add it to any page where they would like it to display. If it is installed at the Tenant level, it will show all O365 Groups and Teams site collections. Or, it can be installed on any O365 Groups or Teams site collection to provide navigation across all O365 Groups and Teams site collections.  Group Tiles removes the tile when an O365 Group or Team site collection is deleted or if the user no longer has permission to access, based on your Search crawl frequency.

Security and


Technical Details

  • Must have SharePoint Administration or Global Admin permission to install the Add-in on the Tenant. Once, installed, Site Collection Admins can add it to any site collection to be able to navigate across to other site collections.

  • Displays up to 500 Office 365 Groups and/or Teams site collections as clickable tiles with navigation to the site collection.

  • Mobile-view typically displays 5-tiles wide then wraps to display the remaining tiles for each site level.

  • Compatible with SharePoint 2013 or 2016 O365.

You can use this Add-in with confidence that your security settings will be retained. The Add-in uses Search security trimming and will only display site collections where the current user has a minimum of ‘View’ permission level. Our Tile Add-in Products do not record or report any information to us whatsoever from users or from their SharePoint sites. Our Add-ins can be installed and fully removed within minutes.

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