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Ultimate Forms for On Premises


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Easily Implement Business Solutions

Ultimate Forms enables business users, not IT personnel or developers, to create powerful SharePoint applications without custom code. Ultimate Forms has a complete library of form, process and reporting components designed to work together seamlessly to create reliable and easy-to-use solutions. Your business users can create powerful solutions quickly, allowing them to stay focused on driving business value.

​​ Advantages of Ultimate Forms  
  • Seamless integration into the existing SharePoint user interface
  • Browser-based development, no tools, no programming and no deployment
  • Large selection of building blocks for common business tasks (approval stages, repeating sections, data import, PDF conversion, etc.)
  • Works with any SharePoint version, no need for specific server licenses or CALs
  • Build, store as template and replicate - functionality preserved in list and site templates


Advanced, Dynamic Forms              

  • Extend regular SharePoint forms
  • Tabbed interface with tab-level permissions                                                       
  • Advanced input validation
  • Numerous additional column types
  • Repeating sections, relationships and drilldowns
  • Electronic signatures for list items
  • Automatically pre-filled forms based on user identity

​ ​ ​Ultimate Forms includes the design tool and 18 apps to improve functionality and user experience of On-Premises SharePoint, including:  ​ ​


                             Smart Print Pro App


Color Choice Column App                


​​​                       Smart Alert Pro App


 Printer-friendly representation of lists and items       

  • Print, convert to PDF or email directly from your lists
  • Email to any user, internal or external
  • User-defined print templates, so you can specify just the columns you need


Color-coding and custom icons
  • SharePoint Foundation 2013 support, SharePoint Server not required
  • Color-coding for rows, column and choices
  • Icons for choice values
  • Cross-browser support
  • Add to any list view

A complete alert and notification solution

  • Specify multiple conditions for alerts
  • Create your own reusable email notification templates and share them with other users
  • Create alerts for any recipient or group, both internal and external

​ ​ ​ ​ ​Also available from Infowise Solutions (purchased seperately):


                                Smart Rollup Pro


​ ​ ​                                                                                     Create a fully-functional unified view of items found throughout your site collection.
                  • Multiple data sources, from a single list to all lists of a certain type
                  • Locate lists by base type, list template or even by name
                  • Specify template view to defined columns and even filtering       
                  • Supports SharePoint native full item context menu

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